Sunday, April 1, 2012

Joe Ross

April 2012
96 year old LCDR Ross (Ret.)
We were recently contacted by the son of Joe Ross, a WWII naval aviator who actually flew 'Attu Warrior' 66 years ago. The young Lt Ross was lucky enough to fly many different types of aircraft, and his son had a lot of fun with his dad identifying some of the aircraft that Joe flew that are now on the airshow circuit or in museums. Here is the partial list that they have highlighted so far.

Lewis Racing's F7F Tigercat "La Patrona" (formerly "Big Bossman") - the first Tigercat to compete at Reno. 

James Martin's Oshkosh 2011 winning Best Military Transport SNB-5 "Dewey's Ride".

Dave Hansen's PV-2 "Attu Warrior".

Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation's R5D "Spirit of Freedom".

Tillamook Air Museum's PV-2 Harpoon "Rose's Raiders" (static display).

Lonestar Flight Museum's PV-2 Harpoon BUNo 37634 (static display).

Yankee Air Museum's PB4Y-2 Privateer (static display).

Cavanaugh Air Museum's TBM Avenger.

Are you jealous yet? We are hoping to meet up with Joe later this summer on our national tour!! We owe Joe and all the other members of the Greatest Generation everything, so the least we can do is visit him and thank him in person. It will be the highlight of the summer for us.
During 1953 and 1954, Lt Ross was based at Litchfield Park in AZ where he test flew aircraft that were being removed from storage and transferred to other bases, or being sold as surplus. This is where he had the incredible opportunity to fly many different types of aircraft.
Meeting up with these great people makes all the time and energy spent on keeping "Attu Warrior" flying worthwhile. Even though it is a great airplane, cleaning oil of the underbelly after every flight is still a chore, but all the drudgery of these mundane tasks goes away when we are face to face with our heroes.

A  page from Joe Ross's log book showing one of the flights in 37472

April 20th, 2012
'Attu Warrior' is now being maintained and operated by The Warbird Warriors Foundation that will take it out to airshows and other events across the country to share this incredible aircraft with as many as we can.

If you would like to join with us in preserving this and other significant warbird aircraft, visit our website at and become a crew member.


  1. Great job!! What a great history of the PV-2. Pictures and story are great!

  2. Kathy French here... Kathy Ross French.... Joe Ross is my father. Just coincidentally, today (April 26th), 33 years ago...(1979), I was bunking down in Orlando, FL @ Boot Camp which turned into a career of 22 years. Not a pilot but in the Naval Nuclear Power Program. Power not Weapons. I was trained to operate/repair Nuclear Power Plants. I retired 31 March 2001.

    Anyway, my brother Tim forwarded this to me and when I eventually was able to open it up, I was astounded. Got tears in my eyes, all choked up, the whole nine yards... Tears directed at the dedication exhibited to restore the plane, willingness and interest you showed in gathering information from my brother about my Dad and posting it, etc... Just a WHOLE lot of emotions....PRIDE!!!! That was the kicker... PRIDE!!!

    Just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the interest and dedication you've shown.

    Thanks again!

    Kathy French
    (EMCS, USN, Retired)